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杨瑞晴|藏克"Since we entered chang 'an, we seem to have acquired a lot of information. Lu xun said bitterly.When the three spoke, the lower bow had begun, opposite lv zheng, there was a very strong young man, almost with a brutal offensive straight into the goal.

Especially five years ago, zhaoyun led five thousand cavalry to break liaodong. In less than half a year, with five thousand cavalry, he broke gongsundu's base camp and forced gongsundu to commit suicide, which made lv bu calm youzhou completely. At that time, the central plains was shocked and zhaoyun was at its peak.The sad and shrilly voice, the command quickly spread out, someone in the gate constantly shaking the torch, the xiangyang soldiers around are unmoved, indifferent waving the order flag: "shoot the arrow!""Why is that? Zhang yun eyes flash a touch of anxiety, then do not understand the appearance of CAI MAO.杨瑞晴|"Lord, a messenger from baiji has come to see the son of heaven." Chen qun su rong way.

杨瑞晴|Yang fu smiled awkwardly, do not say so, difficult way asks you to have to play a woman in wang ting directly at that time? That's not normal.Yes, they saw a lot of things, including the cement road, li li mirror, lu bu army elimination system and so on, but think carefully to know how can? Can they handle cement? Won't? Will the production process of Trinidad mirror? Also won't, and that 1000 li mirror is Yang fu, Yang fu also just let them experience once, did not give their meaning at all however, calculate to know 1000 li mirror's use again can how? Can prevent? There seems to be no defense."This...... "In the face of cao cao's momentum, liu xie some fear.

Under the night sky, the soldiers holding torches were like the lamps in the night. After a short burst of sound in the air, the soldiers on patrol gave out a series of screams, and finally fell to the ground."Duke, Mr. Gong tai would like to see you." Is dining room, core son came in respectfully said a.Xiahou yuan turned his horse's head, returned to the real, a wave, the sound of the horn, a thousand troops quickly formed a square, began to circleThe archers in the rear, protected by their shields, begin to bend their bows.杨瑞晴|




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