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国家队与宁泽涛分手或因利益不均长宜特种纸Han sui's troops, together with the people burning qiang, add up to a total of 100,000 people, such a horse, enough to deter any prince in the world, lu bu now let these horses including qiang soldiers to farming, how many people can not accept."Have you heard from zhou cang?" Just said after a while, lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 now of the few things, focus on the battle of guandu this year not to fight, basically has become the consensus that lyu3 bu4 with his three thinkers, hetao unfolding drama of would-be, though few, but very exciting, temporarily also a threat, and then in addition to the interior water in time, is the thing always wandering outside Addis, let lu bu one of the more disturbing.That evening, liu yun and diao cicada suddenly become particularly active.

"The subordinates retire." Zhang smelt the words with a slight salute and got up to leave.Big Joe nodded in agreement: "but the eyes are like husband more, some bright scary."The face of each king of the tu suddenly a black, suddenly a foot once again will tanu kick down: "these two fools, my tu each important matter dead, they thought they ran? How many people did lv bu bring?"国家队与宁泽涛分手或因利益不均In the room, diao cicada's scream is still continuing, the child also don't know how to return a responsibility, an hour, still not born, anxious a group of stable old woman turn round and round, especially outside the cry more let everyone have a kind of daze don't know what to do.

国家队与宁泽涛分手或因利益不均At least lu bu in this time the battle of the xiongnu, is to wash some of their own, as for the central plains, lu bu's reputation is still rotten street."Waste! Waste! Waste!" Originally the fire that falls down rises, all of a sudden cuanqi, each king of tu is a few feet again the taonu kick of scream: "lv bu how possibility only take 300 people, so simple plan you unexpectedly fall into trap, return Lao ying to lose, fool, fool!""General, if we go on fighting like this, there won't be enough of us!" His deputy general looked at zhang he with a wry smile.

"Noise!Unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 walked, brilliant didn't also the way to continue to maintain, king moon people don't have the ability with their winner as lyu3 bu4 hetao, instead of by the family of three dozen of breath, also can let the rouzhi roamed more realized the importance of a strong, their Wang Xianran don't have the ability, and therefore, ready or not, whether king moon people in hetao, lyu3 bu4 high-profile return to capture the moment of Dijon, he has been the rouzhi roamed in the heart to give up.In this era, luumen academy and yingchuan academy had a lofty position among scholars. As an outstanding disciple of luumen academy, pang tong was still a little immature in many places, but it did not prevent him from judging the general trend of the world.国家队与宁泽涛分手或因利益不均




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