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徐静蕾已婚|duleina"Sima? Cao cao couldn't help sighing, turning to sima yi and patting him on the shoulder, saying, "I can see your speech, but I also have some ability.The ares crossbow has a range of 400 paces, but because it takes too much time to reload and is a single shot, it is not as good as a broken crossbow, so it is on the verge of becoming obsolete.Lu xun was silent for a moment and nodded again. Sun quan did not agree.

"Crossbow fire at the enemy's rear, sword and shield, shield attack!" Seeing that close combat was inevitable, gao shun ordered crossbowmen to pour arrows into the enemy's rear array, and at the same time, two thousand sword and shield men quickly formed a small square of ten or eight men, did not fall back and began to advance toward the cao army's infantry square.The weapons were not as good as lu bu's. However, cao cao did not agree with the idea that he could defeat cao cao's spirit with only ten thousand soldiers."Blare ~"徐静蕾已婚|"As a general, you do not want to share your worries, but at this time incite the morale of the army, do not know, military ruthless! ?" Behind zhang ren, liu and deng xian glared at more than a dozen generals, all of whom were highly respected in the army

徐静蕾已婚|"Not bad! Lv bu drank a draught of water and looked at jia xu and said with a smile, "even those old and noble families don't admit it, but they should also see clearly that the average field has become a general trend, no matter who won the world in the future, will promote the average field, virtually reduced the cost of our digestion in the future."If not, how can we fight?" Xia houyuan wry smile way: "Sir See in this big camp, how many good?""Minister worry, but gao shun may not be willing to refuse the city and keep, if he will be the city as a place of self-cultivation, self-cultivation, continue to fight out of the city, if in the field, our army fell into a passive. Xun you frowns and thinks.

"Oh?" Wei yan frowns, do not understand of see pang tong: "what meaning?"However, the plan to annex the middle of shu was put on hold. He wanted to persuade sun quan to unite with cao cao and attack lv bu again.Liu2 bei4 big marriage, probably be this jian an 13 years for the world, more influential one biggest matter, in"My Lord, according to the nightingale, zhuge liang was casting a batch of weapons for our army in nanyang. At that time, the camp was very secret. Nighthawk stood behind lv bu and bowed.徐静蕾已婚|





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