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bl高肉攻让受含着睡|石油量热仪"Swish ~""The general is serious." The old king looked at all the people around han sui and said, "there are still sixty thousand men under your general who are far stronger than lu bu.'the end is near! Zhou cang ran in from the outside and stepped in to salute.

"These things, endless." Lyu3 bu4 ha ha a smile, in ancient times, even if again busy, but the flow of information is extremely inconvenient, even if again busy, also can always take some time to rest, to this day and age, from the start of the stranger to adapt step by step, until now, though not our, is also one of the male, talent or ability, ideas, compared with just came to this world, there is a big change.'no! Lyu3 bu4 shook head, this matter did not discuss."Well!"bl高肉攻让受含着睡|"Kill!" Lu lingqi hit the hand, a few steps to grab, a silver gun pulled out, at the same time backhand sword, will roar rushed up the xianbei soldiers cut the hand to kill, twist the head shouted.

bl高肉攻让受含着睡|"Zhou cang! Lu bu shouted.Lv bu did not take these things to make money, chang 'an and even the whole yong cool are in a recovery period, from the people there can embrace a few money? Therefore, under the rule of lubu, the tax rates of ordinary farmers and artisans were extremely low.'what for? Several han soldiers stepped forward and stopped the young man.

At first, then also in the organization the soldiers to fight back, but as the qiang people to join the war, again with some of don't come over, although more qiang people, but actually cannot shake Korea hence army, but zhang liao, he won't, but like a Wolf king took a pack of wolves cruising in the side, with the army just appear tiny flaw, zhang liao will take people rushed up to smartly, flaw will turn into a fissure, easy retreating, qiang people to attack.Jun han touched his head and said with a smile, "brother, do you know which general of han sui is?""Er... "Do not know why, every time to see lv lingqi smile, pang tong have a feeling of hair all over.bl高肉攻让受含着睡|




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