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火影之仙魔|百纳影视"The end is near." Zhang ren stepped forward and respectfully said.Zhang ren did not answer, just knelt on the ground."Master, there's no one left!" "Said a nighthawk guard, bending forward.

"You old man... "Pang tong turned his head to look at the magnificent sea."What did you say? ?" Zhang ren office, zhang ren ugly looking at his steward, clenched his fist."Well." Watching d the back of the beautiful woman leave, can not help lamenting his fate, married such a virtuous火影之仙魔|Chapter 82 the people of shu

火影之仙魔|The party slowed down, watched, and approached the camp, which was built on a hillside. The closer they got, the more the smell of blood grew in the air, which even ordinary people could smell."You know too much." Meng da took the sword out of the other's chest, took a pool of blood, and wiped the blood off the sword with the steward's clothes. Now was the critical moment.

"General liu, I have told you that the Lord is not feeling well these days and cannot see you!" Outside the prefecture, several guards stopped liu"This...... What a commander!" Many of them fell to their knees and stared blankly at the direction of the camp. Many of them began to cry bitterly. Some of them also called for revenge on zhou yu."General liu, take back what you just said. General Ben may as well not have heard anything." Zhang ren did not answer, but only looked at liu, sinking slowly火影之仙魔|




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