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鬼无极|乌密王"Ten thousand is already here." Breathe a sigh softly, step degree root raised his head, looked at the broken tribe in front of him, with a little mockery: "Most of the rest is some old people, women and children, how much fighting power?"From zhang he sent someone to notify lyu3 bu4 koubian news, until now also only after ten days, ten days, plus along the way consumption of time, zhang he thirty thousand troops unexpectedly failed to stop lyu3 bu4 for five days, was lyu3 bu4 breached the wild goose gate."Then go and see him before he thinks we're afraid of him!" Think of Wang Ting may have exposed the identity of Lan Zhan, Kirby can have some anxiety in the heart, and didn't notice the two people behind the wrong-looking, with men aggressive to kill outside the camp.

"Eldest brother, I think we should let temuzhen led the troops, he came to the king's court for a period of time, it is time to hit. Step root to Kui Tou, sink a track."General male physique is excellent, ordinary people by this injury, I'm afraid I can't survive for a moment or three, but general male unexpectedly has been up to now, and the injury is improving, is really a rare curiosity!" Military doctor smell speech, eyes burning to the male broad sea, the eyes, as if looking at a rare treasure, lyu3 bu4 have no doubt, if there is a concept of surgery in this era, this guy is absolutely possible to secretly male broad sea to slice research.Han sui know machine way: "I would like to follow khan, a total of broken king's court."鬼无极|"What?" Looking at the back of two people away, pang tong shook his head, then some smug, finally don't have to face the female devil, later on, will be very happy...!

鬼无极|"Damn you!" Step root furious roar, five fingers, uncle akun stare, neck sent out a crisp bone crack sound, a stiff body, then head droop, no more sound.Public and private, Must be separated, But that also means that we often have to endure a lot of hardships that cannot be treated as human beings, Just the road is his choice, again uncomfortable, he must carry on, lombardi foundation thick, he can wayward, but lyu3 bu4 not, whenever this mood occurs, lyu3 bu4 will tell yourself, now the struggle, are to be able to better protect those who value their loved ones!"Death?" Lyu3 bu4 finally stood up, The whole satrap mansion, Everybody felt their chests smothered, A group of county soldiers watched lyu3 bu4 striding toward patronage, One step, two steps, Three steps, each step, As if all step on everyone's chest, let a person unbearable, the body more like don't listen to the general, just a person forward, but this moment, but give a face to the feeling of thousands of troops, as if they are not facing a person, but swept up the thousands of troops, many people instinctively with lyu3 bu4 steps out of step.

Soon afterwards, a deafening shock suddenly came from afar. If you look at it from a high place, you can see the formerly turbulent array of riders, as if encountering a cliff. At a certain moment, the momentum of the tiger stopped abruptly. Instead, it was a screaming cry and a hiss of horses."Rumble ~"Moonlight for the vast prairie across a layer of silver, silent moonlight, the whole prairie into a hazy sense of silence, occasionally came a wolf or two screaming, in this cold moonlight, let a person feel desolate.鬼无极|




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