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草凪纯|十八仙黄药膏"Oh?""This...... "Liu xie frowning way:" not liu not king, this is the rules laid down by the ancestors, so practice, not against the ancestral system?"If you have any wish, my sister will help you as much as possible." "Said chua coolly.

"Bravado! Xia houyuan sneered and said, "there are only eighty thousand soldiers and horses in hebei province. If there are eighty thousand troops, why bother? We can directly break through ye cheng and order the three armies to camp and repair, and then break their camps tomorrow.""Run?" CAI MAO mouth pull a taunts, then is a anger, in your eyes, I CAI MAO will only run?"But zhang liao took nearly three months to attack the general." Xun yu, looking grave, turned to cao cao and said, "your majesty can still remember that when zhang liao surrounded xu chang's army, it was also the day when lu bu moved to luoyang. All the princes in the world were attracted to jizhou to luoyang."草凪纯|If not want to use chess to simulate the world general situation, I am afraid he was also this old fox in the dark, lv bu sighed, clearly his spirit has arrived five stars, why still calculate but this old guy?

草凪纯|The soul!Although pang tong voted for lu bu, many of them were helpless, but the fact had already been formed. The pang family in jingzhou was greatly affected, for example, his cousin pang shan was reduced to the master, and there were many sons of the pang family who were also suppressed in jingzhou."Roar ~" zang ba gave a despairing roar, stared, and died.

"What is it? Yang ren heart annoyed, could not help frowning way."I know! Cao cao snatched the letter from the hands of a minor official and tore it into pieces crazily. Laughing, cao cao said, "we played a trick on him. I have no reason to be angry! '"Old male." Lyu3 bu4 call xiong ku4 hai, however way: "I hate this person."草凪纯|




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