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宝贝腿抬起来我要吃你|企税通Another horse flashed past, The will to live made Kifu Goyang endure the pain, A slap on the ground, the whole person stood up and roared a knight on horseback, was about to get on the horse, suddenly ran a cavalry behind him, saw him will people from the horse down, angrily, a knife cut on the back of Kifu Goyang, followed by two bowl-sized horseshoes severely stepped on the back of Kifu Goyang."Yes!" Muronggui although some dissatisfaction with Kirby can now flourish, but related to the safety of their own tribe, this time also chose to support Kirby can, as for TaBaJi powder, already good with Kirby can, at the moment nature is unconditional support.The sable cicada, Addis, seibel, zhang liao, Chen Gong and blanc, these are the people he had just crossed over, has been following himself to the present, the in the mind, is really will these people as their closest person, has become a part of life.

"At least ten thousand." The huns warrior hissed."All right." Although know XiongKuoHai should recover quickly, but lyu3 bu4 still smiled and nodded: "with me for more than a year, in the past than he later generals, also a seal officer worship will, only the old male has been around me, but never complain.""Alas," said Kui Tou, smelling the speech, his eyes darkened, and he looked at Lu Bu with a wry smile. "The Timuzhen brothers expected everything. Daxi Xinjue did indeed send in troops, and in the name of Qian Man, he assembled a huge army of 150,000 troops. Now, it is approaching the court of the king. I have ordered Ulle to deploy defense, and at the same time have all the tribes send reinforcements as soon as possible."宝贝腿抬起来我要吃你|"Monsieur, look there!" Xu togeher with only a dozen people, nature dare not rely on cao camp too close, can only wait and see from a distance, at this moment, a pro-Wei suddenly pointed to the entrance of cao camp in the distance.

宝贝腿抬起来我要吃你|"D, do you want to?" Lyu3 bu4 with the wave, look at d."Bao ~"

"This is the way to Hsu-chang. Quick, cut him off!" Xu togeher eyes a bright, hurriedly let a person secretly intercept.Hu people, really good at war generals, command commander-in-chief level often in the han people above ordinary generals, these generals are killed from the battlefield, although not through the orthodox art of war, but they have their own set of play, the road is very wild, but often effective."A woman like you wouldn't do such a thoughtless thing, and even the bodyguards around her, including Quebec, wouldn't be able to show up at this time, but..."宝贝腿抬起来我要吃你|




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