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养老医疗概念股宝芝林杜仲降压茶"Brother yishan has quite a lot of courage. It can be seen that people in the central plains would like to eat lu bu's meat. Brother yishan came on behalf of lu bu to imitate those of su qin and zhang yi. Just into the house, they heard CAI MAO strange voice."Again to get the first goal, of course, in general, the assassination of this kind of thing, as far as possible, the most important still is spying on the enemy, investigation information, this is your future in addition to training, the main study, will expand owl camp, no longer limited to women, men and women can, training by you, but give me remember, owl, only one loyal to me, is independent of the government, only belong to the institutions of we had a ruler, anyone, has the right to transfer, you understand?"

"I only need to spend some money and hire an army of 500 men to escort it. On the silk road, whenever I see the battle flag of chang 'an, even the most ferocious horse thief will give way. The real risks are sandstorms and swamps, but risks and benefits always coexist, don't they?" The boss laughed.A barracks, lyu3 bu4 shu board, to impart some owl camp commando concept, different from the later of the commando, lyu3 bu4 these things aren't completely copy later, times are different, the definition of a lot of things are not the same, in terms of knowledge level, the time is very difficult to achieve the same level with the later the special, all of these are lyu3 bu4 according to various art and some of his own experience, coupled with the later theory of concocts the special theory."Father said, the army and horses did not move, information first, we know nothing about jiang xia, what ideas are useless, first send people will be around the mountains and rivers terrain clear, and then take the initiative to attack, will be introduced to huang zu! Lv family more advocate attack, lu bu so, lu lingqi is also so, said finally, than a cut throat gesture.养老医疗概念股Such a contrast, let a person feel a little frustrated.

养老医疗概念股Although liu bei fought for many years and failed repeatedly, he still had some skills in his strategic vision. He did not rely entirely on his men to support him. Otherwise, he would be a Lord.Waved, motioned zhou cang and others to retire.Two hundred hussars quickly raised their crossbows in their hands, urging their horses to charge. At the same time, they shot three crossbows out of the crossbow box.

"Hum!" Lyu3 bu4 vision a rin, in the mouth send out 1 li to drink, the voice is not big, have penetrating force extremely however, the person such as zhou cang in fight to kill all over a shiver, originally confused vision gradually clear, see clear opponent hind, a face of shame respective retreat.The almost deafening hum was followed by a heart-rending scream and the smell of blood in the air."Well!" Outside the door came a dull sound.养老医疗概念股




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