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汉赋九问|蜂花前清茶价格Wang Yongwen speech can not help but play a chill, they are indeed worry-free, but the people of the city will face lyu3 bu4 under the trend of the tiger's anger.Don't wait for him to speak, someone can't wait to open the gate, when lyu3 bu4 army arrived outside the city, the gate has been opened, liao hua with patronage, wang yong and the city soldiers at the gate."Ha ha ha ha ~" Step root suddenly looked up to the sky long smile, has been too long, inherited from his brother khan, has been too long without the respectful salute of these big tribal generals, at the moment looked at begging fu goyang finally soft, step root waved and said: "Well, today's things, I will not pursue, you go."

"Don't you dare!" Begging for fu goyang suddenly looked up and looked to step root."Tomorrow will leave, lu girl there …" Mention Addis, zhao yun only feel throat a infarction, finally bitter way: "hope scholar yuan treat me goodbye, forgive cloud without saying goodbye.""Master!" XiongKuoHai figure soon appeared beside lyu3 bu4.汉赋九问|The most insecure thing in the bones of the nomadic peoples who remained in the tribes and slaves was their sense of security. They had to fight the heavens, the earth, and the fierce beasts. The first thing they considered was survival.

汉赋九问|"Hsiung!" Lyu3 bu4 also can't chase after zhang he, turn over and dismount, a drag XiongKuoHai burly body.King of gold even sichuan tent, listen to the fading battle outside, Korea hence weak decadent sat down on the king's tent.Zhang he frowned and said, "strategist, is it too hasty to judge only by the stars?"

With the rugged voice of the vast sea, Two shots kept slapping on d's back, a title of generals in ancient times as lyu3 bu4 QinWei, not only strong, and who's account will not buy, at the moment, really no mercy, rao is d's constitution, less than ten sticks, has been hit on the back see red, twenty sticks down, hard to d almost fainted."Yes!" A Xianbei general sink a track: "I hope adults do not deceive us.""Die!" Go to jin zhitu eyes flashed a ruthless, hands of the mace is a stick, xianbei generals haven't had time to react, was smashed bones and muscles, vomiting blood poured out.汉赋九问|




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